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1. Abram-
God promised him a land and a people; from him God established a community, the people of Israel (later renamed Abraham)
2. Abraham-
means “Father of the Multitude”
3. 1850 BC-
is middle of the Bronze Age; it is the date given to the living time of Abraham.
4. Sarai-
wife of Abram, Abram deceived pharaoh by claiming that his beautiful but childless l wife was his sister (later renamed Sarah)
5. Sarah-
formally Sarai means “princess”
6. Hagar-
Sarah’s maid who was offered to Abraham to conceive a son so Abraham would have an heir; the child was named Ishamel
7. Folklore-
Beliefs, traditions, practices, and legends transmitted orally, often in story form.
8. Legend-
story coming down from the past
9. Bronze Age-
2300-1600 B.C. (facts recorded in the biblical stories about marriage customs, legal contracts, travel, and lifestyle of semi-nomadic peoples all took place during this period)
10. Amorites-
means “Westerners,” a Semitic people that began to migrate westward out of Mesopotamia around 2100 B.C.
11. Semites-
decedents of Shem, Noah’s son.
12. Semite-
derives from Noah’s son Shem, ancestor to Abraham.
13. Anti-Semitic-
those of Jewish prejudice
14. Ur-
is the Sumerian city, which Abraham originally came from.
15. El, Elohim-
Chosen people Semitic name, El, to refer to God. Canaanite had a got named El, the father of all other gods and of all creatures. Elohiim is a plural form of El.
16. El Shaddai-
means “God Almighty”
17. Yahweh-
Hebrew”to be” Latin Vulgate translation is “I am who am” and Septuagint render the sacred name “He who is.”
18. Adonai-
means “Lord”
19. Jehovah-
the combination of the vowels of Adonai, a-o-a, were added to create the hybrid word “Jehovah.”
20. Tetragrammaton-
4 letters; YHWH; Greek for “four letters”
21. Islam-
trace their ancestry back to Ishmael
22. Covenant-
an open-ended contract of love God makes with people. (Christians believe that Yahweh made a perfect covenant w/ all people everywhere for all time in time in the person of Jesus Christ)
23. B’rith-
Hebrew word for covenant
24. Hesed-
Hebrew word; the loving kindness/ mercy of God shown toward the Hebrew people of the Covenant
25. Circumcision-
symbol of the Abrahamic Covenant
26. Sodom-
the city destroyed by God because of their wicked perverted ways.
27. Flaming Torch-
represented God as he walk thru the animal halves
28. Brazier-
smoke/ fire represents the presence of God
29. Isaac-
the son of Abraham & Sarah, the covenant would live though him
30. Ishmael-
the son of Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s maid.