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Clarence Norris
pardoned by Governor of Alabama
George Wallace
Wanted to use trial to become governor
Ruby Bates
Showed up as a suprose witness for defense
Andy WRight
After release, he was falsely accused of raping a white girl
Victoria Price
eventually sued NBC
Haywood Patterson
escaped from prison and went to Detroit
Ruby Bates
was rumored to have been kidnapped or even killed
James E. Horton
repleaced the first judge in the trial and was sympathetic to prosecution
WIllie Roberson
suffered from syphilis
George Wallace
responsible for pardon of Scottsboro Boy
Clarence Norris
last of Scottsboro Boys to die
Haywood Patterson
died of cancer in Michigan prison
Lester Carter
testifed he and a friend had been with Price and Bates the night before the trainride and rape
Thomas Knight
served as prosecutorin trial
William Callahan
served as first judge in trials
Roy Wright
prosecution's star witness ??
Samuel Leibowitz
represented the Scottsboro nine in three of the trials
Callie Brochie
character in Saturday Evening Post (boarding house owner)
crime that Victoria Price served time for in a workhouse
The number of days the first trial lasted
Communist party payed special attention to who?
Scottsboro Boys
Three countries that had demonstrations for the Scottsboro Boys
South Africa
Amount of money for legal defense their families raised
One hundred dollars
Political group who helped the Scottsboro Boys
LEgal arm of political gorup that represented the Scottsboro Boys
Another group that wanted to represent the Scottsboro Boys
International Labor Defense
When were the Scottsboro Boys arrested
March 25, 1931
Supreme Court ruling about excluding blacks from juries
Powell versus Alabama
Supreme Court ruling about denying counsel to defendents
Norris versus Alabama
Best known defense attorney during the 1930s
Samuel Leibowitz
How was Bates testimony discredited
Proved she got drunk and was forced to say things that weren't true