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When does water vapor enter the air?
When liquid water evaporates from water, grass or the sotve
What does water vapor look like?
It is invisible but there are signs of it everywhere, like in steam shower
What happens when air can't hold any more water
its saturated
What saturated air contain?
al the water vapor it can hold at a certain temp.
Dew point?
the temp. at which air is saturated
What happenes when a temp. is lowe r than the dew poit?
dew condenses on cold surfaces like grass, and cars.
What is frost?
tiny ice crystals that form when the dew point is below freezing
What is a hygrometer?
a devise measuring humidity by human hair
whats a psychrometer
a devise used to measure humidity by calculating the dif. between a wet and dry bulb
What is realative humidity?
determining humidity by using a realtive humidity table
Air evapotates more in High humidity or low humidity?
Low, becuase its alreaey filled with water
How does sweat keep u cool?
your body produces sweat, and when the sweat evaporates, ur skin is cooled.
Does your body's sweat keep you cooled in a desert or a tropical climent more?
a desert, becuase the air is less humid. in a tropical climent, the body will prododuce sweat but it won't evaporate and cool the skin
Where do clouds form?
in an altitude of the troposphere
How do clouds form?
1. sun heats are of ground
2. air above ground is warm reducing air density
3. rises, reaches dew point
4.water vapor condenses and forms cloud
when does saturation poin form?
1. when humidy is 100%
2. water condenses are condensation neuclei
What are condensation neucli?
Tiny particles that float around atmosphere in which wate vapor condences
how do condensation neucli enter atmosphere?
windblown dust, volcanoes, factory smoke, forest fires and more
how do water droplets form?
by water vapor molecules sticking to condensation nuclei?
How are mountain clouds formed?
warm winds carried towads mountain, air cools, when reaches dew point, forms cloud
flat dull clouds, produce drizzle
white, dense flat-base cloud with a multipe rouned top and well defined out line
think whipsy clouds often mean there'll be a weather chagne
Hight altitude clouds
clouds over 6km , usulaly curling cirrus clouds
low- altititude clouds
clounds under 3km , produce rain or snow
TALl dark rain cloud that produces lightning and strong winds
middle alt. clouds
clouds betweek 3km-6km
broad gray cloud, means light rain will come
what is fog?
a cloud that forms on the earths surface
What is radiation fog?
fog that forms when warm air cools
When can fog also froM/
when it meets land, when moist ari from the water moves across cool land
what is steam fog?
when cold air moves over warm water
What is preciptation?
any form of moisture that falls form a cloud to the gourd
when does a cloud droplet form?
when water vapor condesness onton condensation necliu
when does a snowflake form?
when a clouds dopelts neuclie frezes and the awter surrounding the cooled rops evaporate, creating ice crystals which will eventually become snwo falkes
how do rain drops form?
hen ice crystals fall in to warmer air they melt
whats rain?
rain drops that fall from amlonst 0cm/ to 4cm/h
whats freezing rain
when the temp. is cold enough that rain hits surgface and freezes
partlially lmelted grans of ice
balls of ice with an upward-rising air, spherical or ireegular shape and larger then 5 millimeters in diam.
what is acid raiN /
when gasses desolve into water dropelts
What can acid rain do?
cdamage forests, water animals and disrupt food webs