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ovoviviparity, viviparity, oviparity, first embryologist, 2 major cell division patterns (holoblastic and meroblastic), functions of placenta and umbilical cord, epigenesis
william harvey
ex ovo omnia, first to see blastoderm, "island of small cells" before heart, epigenesis
preformation, with hartsoeker and leuwenhoek
albrecht von haller/charles bonnet
preformation but knew that organs may develop at different rates and structures may not be in same place as in newborn
kaspar friedrich wolff
embryonic parts from tissues w/ no counterpart in the adult organism, parts that are supposed to be there as in heart is seen to develop anew, intestinal tube from flat tissue, vis essentialis,
immanuel kant/johann friedrich blumenbach
bildungstrieb, fr germ cells
christian pander
germ layers,
heinrich rathke
emphasized similarities in devt of vertebrate group, parhyngeal arches, formation of vertebrate skull, reproductive, excretory, resp system, rathke's pouch
karl ernst von baer
discovered the notochord,mammalian egg

von baer's laws:
1. the general features of a large grp of animals appear earlier, in development than do the specialized features of a smaller group.
2. less gen characteristics develop from the more gen, until finally the most specialized appear
3. the embryo of a given species, instead of passing thru the adult stage of lower animals, departs more from them
4. the early embryo of a higehr animal is never like a lower animal, but only likes its early embryo