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Nicolas Copernicus
Heliocentric theory
-Planetary Motion
-Elliptical Orbits
-Law of Pendulum
-Law of Falling Objects
-Supported Copernican Theory
Rene Descartes
-Analytical Geometry
-"I Think; Therefore I am."
-"Father of Modern Philosophy"
Isaac Newton
-Laws of Motion
Zacharias Janssen
-Dutch Eyeglass Maker
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
-Observed bacteria and red blood cells under miscroscope
Evangelista Torricelli
Invented Barometer
designed telescopes and microscopes
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Dutch physicist
1st mercury & glass thermometer
temperature scale
32 degrees (boiling point)
Anders Celsius
Celsius temp scale
0 for freezing - 100 for boiling
Andreas Vesalius
father of human anatomy
William Harvey
blood and heart circulation
Edward Jenner
first vaccine
Robert Boyle
father of chemistry
pressure and volume- inverse relationship
Antoine Lavoisier
discovered components of water and air

element: cant be broken down by chemical means

discovered and named oxygen
Frances Bacon
Scientific (imperical) method
have to prove things to say they're true