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What is fusion?

Fusion is joining or fusing of 2 atoms to form a new molecule,when larger molecules splits it releases energy.
What is chemical energy?
Chemical energy is energy generated when a chemical compound combust, decomposes, or transforms to produce new compounds.
Why are fossil fuels considered non renewable?
Because once they are used they can never be replaced.
Name 4 alternatives to fossil fuels.
Solar energy, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy (heat of the earth), biomass, and nuclear energy.
What is biomass?
Name 3 types.
Biomass is the conversion of stored energy in plants into energy we can use.
Wood, waste, crops, and aquatic plants.
What is fission?
Fission is the splitting of a heavy element into a lighter element.
How is wind power harnessed?
Windmills or tower with rotors or long blades catch the wind and spin.
What was the Industrial Revolution?
Period in British history from the middle 18th century to the middle 19th century in which citizens switched from agricultural/commerical society using hand tools to a modern industrial society using machines.
How can you conserve energy?
Recycle, using biodegradable materials, buying washers/ dishwasher that have energy conservation modes, turn off lights when not using them...
Where is atmospheric pressure the greatest? Why?
Atmospheric pressure is greatest near the earth's surface, because of the pull of gravity and pressure exerted by air molecules.
How are coal, oil, and gas related? How can they all be used?
They are all fossil fuels.
They are all burnt.
How have humans used water as energy in the past?
As a "noria" to lift water
What is speed?
It is the ratio of a distance covered by a body to the time taken.
Time-rate of change of a position.
What causes acid rain? How does it affect the environment?
When fossil fuels are burnt by factories,cars,... the smoke mixes with the moisture in the airs and when it rains it falls to the ground. It destroys the ozone layer and affects growth of plant life.
How are fossil fuels formed?
Through the carbon cycle - dead plants and animals are covered by layers of silt as the silt builds up it creates pressure and fuels are formed