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What is a season?
a time of the year
What kind of clouds do we see in sunny weather?
What is an orbit?
the path around something
How long is one rotation of Earth?
24 hours
What is moonlight?
the light from the moon
When water is heated enough, it becomes ______ ________.
water vapor
Which kind of cloud can bring rain?
What does solar energy warm?
all living things on Earth
What is an example of a constellation?
the Big Dipper
What is rotation?
the spinning of Earth
What is solar energy?
light and heat from the sun
What is energy?
something that can cause change and do work
What is the sun?
the star closest to Earth
What is a constellation?
a group of stars that form a star picture
What is the moon?
the largest object you can see in the night sky
What is a crater?
a hole that has the shape of a bowl
What are the 4 seasons?
summer, winter, spring, fall
How long does the Earth's orbit around the sun take?
one year (365 days)
What has craters?
the moon
Where does moonlight come from?
Light from the sun bounces off the moon
What kind of clouds do we see in fair weather?
How long does it take the moon to orbit the Earth?
About a month (4 weeks)
What are examples of energy?
light and heat