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on the periodic table vertically are.....what is this clasification used for?
groups/families.....# of electrons on the outer level
horizontally on the periodic table is_____....what is this clasification used for?
periods....number of energy levels.
look at your periodic many levels are there for #45-Rh...How many electrons are on the outer level
5levels 9 elctrons on the outer level...
to find the number if neutrons if you have the atomic mass you ???
You subtract the atomic number from the atomic mass
PRotons is the same thing as?
Atomic numbers
When you add your Protons and your neutrons you get___
YOur atomic mass
Isotopes are________
atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons
Periodic means...give examples
Repeating in pattern
days of the week
monthes of the year
Demetri Mendeleev
came up with a way to organize the elements into a table in order of increasing atomic mass and discovered a pattern
Henry mosley
arranged them using atomic number instead of mass. we currently use this table
The number of electrons in the outer level
determine the chemical property of an element...
elecrtron dot diagram-
uses the symbol of the element and dots to represent the electrons in the outer levels