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wat does the speed of light depend on?
the temperature and the medium
wat causes the apparent colors of the objects we see?
the reflection of certain wavelengths of visible light
The amount that light refracts depends on its _____.
wat's projectile motion?
The curved path of an object follows when thrown near the surface of the Earth.
Orbital motion is a combination of wat?
free fall and projectile motion
the abount of air resistance acting on an object depends on wat?
size and shape
wat does Newton's 1st law of motion apply to?
moving objects and objects that aren't moving
wat does Newton's third law of motion state?
if a force is exerted on an object, another force occurs that is equal in size and opposite in direction
Wat does Newton's 2nd law of motion state?
An objects' acceleration increases as its mass decreases and as the force acting on it increases