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What is an active volcano?
One that is erupting, or shows signs of erupting in the near future.
What is a dormant volcano?
One that scientists predict to awaken and become active in the near future. Can become active at anytime.
What is an extinct volcano?
One that is dead and is no longer active. Unlikely to erupt ever again.
What is a cinder cone volcano?
-violent eruption
-throws out solids (ash,bombs,cinder)
-materials build around a vent in a cone-shaped hill called a cinder cone
-example:Parictuin in Mexico (1943) on farmers field
What is a composite volcano? (stratovolcano)
-alternates from violent and quiet eruptions
-tall cone shaped mountains
-layers of lava alternate with layers of ash
-examples: Mt. Fuji,Japan; Mt. St. Helens, Washington
What is a shield volcano?
-quiet eruptions
-flat like a shield
-build up a wide gently sloping moutain
-thin layers of lava pour out of vent and harden ontop of other layers
examples:Hawaiian Islands: Mouna Loa, Kilauea, Hawaii
What is the ring of Fire?
-made by subduction:convergent boundary
-along the Pacific Plate that moves the Pacific ocean
-formed by many volcanoes and earthquakes that rim the Pacific Ocean
-examples: Chile,...
How did the Hawaiian Islands form?
-fomed as pacific plate drifted over a hot spot (area of magma from deep within the mantle rises and then melts)
-magma has no where to go but up and forms volcanoes
-Hawaii is in middle of Pacific Ocean
-Oldest H.I. is Kaui b/c farthest away from hot-spot
-youngest H.I. is Hawaii b/c closest to hot-spot
-Pacific plate moves northwest