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What is a plant ?
Multicelluar eurkaryotes that have cell walls made of cullulose.
What are vascular tissues ?
Type of tissue made to conduct water and minerails
What is club mosses ?
Non-vascular plant.
What are monocot and dicots ?
Monocot are seeds that have one cotylen and dicots have 2 cotylens.
What is plant called that lives 1 year, two year, and 3 ?
One year = Annual
2 years= biennial
Name the functions of the root,stem, leaves, flowers, seeds.
Root support lant underground, absord water and minerals, stem support plant and transfer energy, leaves carry out photosynthesis, seeds contain embyro along with food supply.
Taproot, and examples.
Type of root that grow very deep. Trees
Fibrous root
root that grows close to ground. many different types of plants
wall tisue surrounding the seed
early growth stage of a plant.