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Pathogen--- 17.1
any agent that causes disease
White Blood Cells
blood cells that protect the body from disease. they are part of the circlotory (sp?) system.
a single molecule that produces an immune responce
a molecule that the body makes to prtoct itself from the disease
barrior that covers body, made up of several layers of cells.
white blood cells that can change shape and travel in the blood stream looking for bacteria to fight off.
lymphatic system
doesn't transport blood but it transports a clear fluif called lymph. the sustem drains exess fluid from tissues and trturns it to the circlotory system
resistance to a spicific desease
natual immunity
bodies natural defence against certain deseases
aquired immunity
immunity that people aquire over time
Active aquired immunity
when the persons body makes the antibodies for that spicific desease
something that can be spread from one person to another. EXAMPLE: mono, strept
chemical made from a living organism that kills bacteria. they are mostly made form mold
AIDS! ---17.4
viral disease that attacks a person immune system. it stands for: acquired immune difficiancy syndrome. AIDS is passed from human to human via SEX or blood transfusion.
Human immunodeficiency virus. Aids is caused from HIV
mass or lump of cells. when too many cells are breaking off and being re-made, they all clump together and take eachothers nutrients. this makes a tumor
benign tumor
thing of nice... it isn't harmfull to the body, usually
malignant tumor
think mean... it is the type of tumor that can spread throughout the body and be harmfull. cancer comes from it
disease caused by the spreading of malignant tumors
noninfectuous disease
diseases not acused by microorgonisms. they can't be spread from person ot person. EXAMPLES: Cancer, diabeties