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process in which producers make energy-rich nutrient molecules from minerals
type of fungus, usually first organism in primary succession
natural, gradual changes in the types of species that live in an area
distance above sea level
features of the environment that are alive or were once alive
nonliving physical features of tthe environment including air, water, soil, temperature, and climate
tropic level
average weather conditions of an area overtime including wind, temperature and rainfall
food web
model that shows the complex feeding relationships among organisms in a community
in soil, formed primarily by decayed remains of plants, animals, and animal droppings
energy pyramid
model that shows the amount of energy available at each feeding level in an ecosystem
mixture of mineral and rock particles, the remains of dead organisms, & water that forms the top most layer of the Earth's crust & supports plant growth
climax community
stable, end stage of ecological succession in which the plants and animals of a community use resources efficiently
pioneer species
a group of hardy organisms such as lichens, found in the primary stage of succession and that begin an areas soil building process
secondary succession
a succession that begins with bare soil and could be caused by clearing of land, forest fire, or drought
air surrounding Earth; made up of gases 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 0.03% carbon dioxide
moisture releases from cloud which can come in rain, hail, sleet, or snow
primary succession
a succession that starts without soil and could be caused by volcano eruption; where everything turns into rock
producers convert light energy into chemical energy in sugar molecules
an imaginary line of measurement of the earth's surface running parallel to the equator
rain shadow effect
the wind blowing toward one side of mountain is forced upward because of the mountains shape; the moisture is released in precipitation & as it goes down other side; it is warm & dry