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amino acid
a "basic unit" molecule that makes up proteins, the body uses about 20 different kinds
glucose (sugar)
the simplest or "basic unit" molecule of carbohydrates
nutrient type that supplies the body with most of the readily-usable energy, can be sugar or starch
refers to all the food that you normally eat and drink everyday
essential amino acid
any amino acid that the body cannot make and must obtain from food sources
indigestible food materials like cellulose that help the elimination process by providing roughage
form of animal starch which the body forms in the muscles and liver from excess carbohydrates
a complex carbohydrate used in the body to provide energy
complete protein
any protein containing all of the eight essential amino acids
food groups
a classification system for foods, used to help plan a balanced diet
a SI unit of energy used to express the amount of energy present in food
fat (lipid)
mutrient type that has the most energy per gram, also helps protect and cushion body organs
any chemical element micronutrient such as iron needed by the body for normal functioning
any material taken into the body that is essential for the survival and growth of living things
fatty acid
a simple "basic unit" molecule that makes up fats and oils (lipids)
nutrient type that provides material for growth and cell repair essential component of body parts
type of micronutrient needed fro good health and growth, some help enzymes function properly