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What is soil?
the loose material in which plants can grow in the upper layer of Earth
What is the 4 parts of soil?
1)weathered rock
4)air and water
What is humus?
the part of the soil made up of decayed parts of once-living things. It is dark and soft. It has alot of what plants need to grow.
What is topsoil?
the top layer of soil. it is made up of the smallest grains. It also has the most humus so it is the richest soil.
Why is soil important?
it has all the minerals that all living things need
Where do plants get the minerals they need?
from the Earth's crust.
How do minerals get into the soil?
weathering breaks down the Earth's crust into soil.
How long does it take to make 1 inch of soil?
between 500 and 1,000 years
What is subsoil?
the layer under the topsoil. it has larger grains and has less humus than topsoil
What is bedrock?
the solid rock under the soil. It is made up of different minerals in different places.
Why would it be hard to live without soil?
It contains all the minerals all living things need.
What is weathered rock?
Rock that is broken down by the weather