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spinning motion of a body(planet) on its axis
counter clockwise
from teh north pole of a planet retrograde rotation
the motion of a body(planet) as it orbits another body in space.
i can define vacum and free fall and describe how they are related.
free fall- when gravity is pulling an object down and no other force is acting on it. vacum- an area or place with no air.
i can list 3 parts of projectile motion.
horizontal velocity, vertical velocity, actual motion from curved path.
i can list the distance of one astronomical unite (AV) and describe what that distance represents.
AV= 150 millinon km average distance to sun.
list the order of the nine planets in our solar system.
mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto.
define escape velocity
how fast you have to go to get out of a planets gravitational pull.
what is the escape velocity for planet earth.
11.2 km/s
if you increase the mass of a planet what happens to the gravity of that planet
the gravity increases.
what does this quote mean to you: a scientist doesnt read about there discovery before they make it.
your discoveries arn't going to be in a text book. you have to think outside the box to make a great discoverie.
where is the astroid belt
in between mars and jupiter
what is a comit made of
dirty snowball, big pile fo rocky material coated in different types of ice.
how does teh sun produce light and heat
the elements in the sun creat light and heat.
what is the difference between equinoxes and solstices?
solstice= either really close to the sun or really far away from the sun. equinox= 12 hrs of day and 12hrs of night. reasons for the seasons= tilt of the earth in relation to the sun.
what is balie's tamagochies name?
what is the largest and smallest planet in our solar system.
largest is jupiter and smallest is pluto.
what galaxy is our solar system in.
the milky way!
how long is one rotation of the earth?
1 day
why does the dionostic matter of pluto effect the maticulate mass of saturn?
nobody knows!
what elements give mars its redish brown color
iron + oxygen + rust.
how long does it take light to get from teh earth to the sun.
500 seconds, 8.3 minutes.
why is balie so beautious
nobody knows shes just so wonderously glorious.
how long is one revolution of the earth
1 year.