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Who created the Otto engine
Nicholas Otto was the creator of the Otto engine
Who created the Diesel engine
Rudolph Diesel created the Diesel engine
Name two forms of transportation
Car, Motorcycle, Buses, Airplanes, Trains
What engine is more commonly used in vehicle today
The Otto engine
What types of vehicle's are diesel engines more commonly used in?
Trains, Buses, Big boats
What are the four strokes of a engine in order
Intake, Compression, Combustion and exhaust
What is called the power stroke
The combustion stroke
What creates the explosion inside of the Otto engine?
When the spark plug mixes with the fuel-air mixture
What forces make a car need a big engine or small engine
inertia and friction
whats inertia
an objects resistance to change in motion caused by mass
What is friction
Friction is a force that acts in direction oppose to the motion of a vehicle and its moving part.
Name a way to reduce the inertia
If you were to reduce the mass of a car, you will reduce the inertia
Name a way to reduce the friction?
decrease the amount of surface area on the vehile
What is aerodynamics
A science that deals with interaction of air and moving bodies
What causes the explosion in the diesel engine
Heat is generated by compressing the fuel-air mixture which in turn ignites the fuel mixture
internal combustion engine produces what?
produces co2(carbon dioxide
What is the role of a catalysts in a car?
It helps convert waste products into less polluting products
what does sulfuric acid do to our enviroment
causes Acid rain or acid snow
What the scientific term for DNA
deoxyribonucleic acid
What is dna made up of?
Sugars, phosphates and base pairs
what is the design of the DNA molecule.
Double Helix