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What is the name for something that can't make its own food and must eat something else to live.
what is an exoskeleton?
a skeleton worn on the outside
What is the name for something with chlorophyll that makes its own food?
what does biotic mean?
biotic refers to living things, or things that were once living, in an environment.
What does terrotorial mean?
That species will protect its property. For example, our fish will fight with other types of fish for territory.
what is an organism that feeds on dead matter and breaks it down into simpler substances called?
a decomposer
What is a scavenger?
an organism that feeds on dead matter and breaks it down into simpler substances.
What is an ovipositor?
What a female cricket uses to lay eggs.
what is molting?
when an organism sheds its exoskeleton.
what is chlorophyll?
the chemical that allows plants to carry on photosynthesis
what does abiotic mean?
abiotic refers to non-living things in an environment
what is germination?
when plant seeds come above the surface
What is a terrarium?
a container that holds small plants and/or animals
what is the mantle?
it's what makes the snail's shell
What are the characteristics of insects?
6 legs
3 parts: head, thorax, abdomen
what is interdependency?
when at least two things mutually depend on each other.
What is the name of the process plants use to make food?
what class of animals do snails belong to?
gastro pods