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Physical Properties
Mass, weight, volume & density. Also color, shape, hardness, and texture
What are the phases
solid, liquid, gas, and plasma
the particles are arranged in a regular repeating pattern
Crystalline solids
solids made up of crystals
Ex: Table Salt
Amorphous Solids
lose shape under certain condition Ex: candle wax, rubber
resistance of a liquid's flow
Speed of Gas Particles
100 meters per second
(10 billion collisions per sec)
Boyle's Law
Between pressure and volume. As one increases the other decreases
Charle's Law
Between volume and temperature
as one increases so does the other
Gas Laws
Charle's Law and Boyle's Law. they describe the behavior of gases w/ changes in pressure, temp, and volume
Very high in energy, very rare on Earth. Ex: Stars
Addind or taking away energy...
can change the phase of a substance