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What is the process of a solid changing into a liquid
What are lines on a map along which the temperature is the same called
What are lines on a map along which the air pressure is the same called
What temperature must the air be for snow to occur
32 degrees F
What are the three main types of clouds
Stratus, cumulus, and cirrus
When dew point of the air is reached, what is the relative humidity
What is a cloud on the ground called
What are gases and liquids collectively called
Grams over meters cubed is a measure of what
When the temperature of the air decreases, what happens to the humidity
It stays the same
What is the cumulus cloud associated with
Fair weather
Which holds more water vapor, warm or cold air
What is the name for a low pressure system
A percentage is a measure of what
Relative humidity
What is the definition of relative humidity
How much water vapor is in the air compared to how much water vapor it can hold at htat temperature
When the temperature of the air increases, what happens to the relative humidity
When the temperature of the air decreases, what happens to the relative humidity
What kind of weather is the cumulonimbus cloud associated with
Hail, thunderstorms, nad tornadoes
Describe a cirrus cloud
Cirrus means thin, wispy. This is a high altitude cloud that is usually made of ice crystals
Describe nimbo stratus
Nimbo means rain and stratus means spread out. These clouds usually mean rain, but not always thunderstorms. It is a low altitude cloud
What is a front
Teh boundary between two air masses
Where do dry air masses form
Over land
Where do humid air masses
Over a large body of water (usually an ocean)
Why is the wet bulb reading on a sling psychrometer usually lower than the dry bulb reading
The wet bulb is uaully colder because when you sling it, it speeds up evaporation. Because evaporation is a cooling process the wet bulb becomes colder than the dry bulb
When air reaches dew point what occurs
What are the characteristics of a maritime tropical air mass
Humid and warm
What are the characteristics of a continental polar air mass
Dry and cold