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The Earth is what shape and who discovered it?
Spherical Shape, Aristotle discovered by the earths curved shadow on the moon during an eclipse
What is the circumfrence of the Earth?
24,903 miles or 40,074 kilometers
The earth spins on a ___º axis in what direction?
23.5º, counterclockwise
What is the period of rotation?
When is summer?
northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun (tropic of cancer 23.5ºS)
When is winter?
Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from sunlight (Tropic of Capricorn 23.5º S)
What causes seasons?
Earth revolution around the sun, earth spins counter-clockwise
What is a solstice?
When the Earth is mostly tilted towards or away from the sun
When is a summer solstice and what is it?
June 20-22, longest day of the year (15 hours)
When is the winter solstice and what is it?
December 20-22, shortest day of the year (9 hours)
What is an Equinoxes?
When the sun is directly over the Earths equator not tilted towards or away from the sun
What equinoxes is during
march 20-22?
What equinoxes is during September 20-22?
Earths Moons name is and how old is it?
Luna, 4.5 billion years old, younger then the Earth
What is the diameter of the moon, where does our moon rank in the solor sytem, and where does it rank by ratio?
2,160miles, 5th larget in solar system, 2nd largest moon by ratio
The diameter of the moon is __% of Earths
THe moon is ___miles aways from the Earth
True or False: The moon has no atmosphere?
What is the Dark side of the Moon?
The same side of the moon always faces the Earth
What is the moon rotation around earth and what is it revolution on axis?
27.3 days around the Earth, 27.3 recolution on axis
Why do we always see the same side of the moon?
One side of the moon is heavier then the other, gravity pulls harder on the heavier side
Define Full Moon
The moon's illuminated side is facing the Earth. The moon appears to be completly illuminated by direct sunlight
Define New Moon
The moon's un-illuminated side is facing the Earth. The moon is not visible (only during a solar eclipse)
Define Quarter Moon
A week after the New Moon and the Earth has turned about a quarter of its way around the Earth we see half of the illuminated part
Define Waxing Phases
As the moon moves around the Earth we see more and more of the illuminated half (increasing)
The illuminated part of the moon that we can see decreases, what phase is this?
Waning Phase
THe moon appears to be more than one-half ut not fully illuminated by the direct sunlihgt, what phase is this?
Gibbous Phase
A small part of the moon which gets bigger and bigger by the day, what phase is this?
Crescent Phase
Phase order, and days of rotation
new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, Last quarter, waning crescent, new Moon, 29.5 days
Solar Eclipse___moon, Lunar eclipse___moon
New Moon, Full Moon
What is a solar eclipse,occurs during what moon phase?
When the moon casts a shadow on the Earth, new moon
What is a Full Eclipse?
the sun is completely out by the moon
What is a Partial Eclipse?
The moon passes partly in front of the sun
What is a Lunar Eclipse
When the earht casts a shadow on the moon; moon is directly behind the Earth
What is a tide?
THe changes in the oceans water levels at regualt intervals you can see it by the shore
What causes a tide?
The gravitationa; pull from the mon (70%) and the sun (30%)
High tides are where?
Same side or opposite side of the moon
Spring Tides occur when?
During a full or new moon
Neap Tides are during what moon phase?
Quater Moon
Low tides are where?
90º from the moon