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What is Alfred Wegener known for?
Continental drift
What is harry hess known for?
theory of sea-floor spreading
what is J.Tuzo wilson known for?
theory of plate tectonics
What evdience led to the formation of wegner's thoery?
1. memsosaurus
2. fossils/coal
3. climate
4. landforms
why was the theory rejects ( theory of continental drift)
thought earth was cooling and shrinking/ couldn't explain how continents moved
What missing evidence is found to help prove the theory?
1. evidence from molten material
2. evidence from magnetic stripes
3. evidence from drilling samples
In 1965, who writes the theory of plate tectonics?
j. Tuzo Wilson
Describe the lithosphere
Rigid, floats slowly on top on atheno.
Describe the athenosphere
soft layer, flows slowly, can be bent like plastic
Describe the mantle
layer of hot rock, solid material
Describe the Crust
thin layer, made of basalt, forms outer layer of earth.
Describe the Inner Core
dense ball of solid material
Describe the outer core
layer of molten metal, behaves like a thick liquid
How does the pressure change from the crust to the core?
it gets heavier
How does the temp. change from the crust to the core?
It gets hotter
What parts of the earth are solid?
crust,mantle, litosphere, inner core
What parts of the earth are liquid?
outer core
What part act like tar?
What causes the earth's madnetic field and what is unusual about the field?
Liquid currents in the outer core force inner core to spin. Inner core spins faster then rest of planet. Planet act like magnet.
Heat energy always moves from _____ to _____
warm : cold