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What is velocity?
The speed of an oblect in a certain direction.
What is Momentum?
The product (multiplacation) of the mass of an object and its velocity.
What is speed?
the rate in change of position
What is balenced?
forces on an object that are equal in size an opposite direction.
What is weight?
the measure of force of gravity exerted on an oject
What is interia?
the tendancy of an oblect to resist ....
What is friction?
The force that oposes motion between two surfaces that are touching each other
What is acceleration?
the rate of change in velocity
What is force?
any push or pull on an oblect
what is gravity?
the force of attraction between all objects in the universe
What is the point of referance?
The point at which an object begins to change position
What is a balenced force?
forces on an object that are equal in size, an opposite in direction.
What is Unbalenced force?
Forces that change the velocity of an object
Average Speed
the best way to describe speed if motion varies a great deal in an object
Describe the relationship between mass and momentum
the more mass, the more momentum
Decribe the relationship between velocity and momentum?
the more velocity, the higher the momentum
Can a change in force cause a change in velocity?
What is the only time an object is not accelerating?
when both its speed and direction are constant
Do cars on an interstate going in opposite directions have the same velocity?
What two things must change in order for velocity to change?
Speed, Direction
Describe the relationship between gravitational pull and mass.
as mass increases, gravitational pull increases
Why is it that an objects weight can change but its mass cant?
because the amount of space taken up cant ever change
What two things determain the acceleration of an object?
size of the force, the mass of an object.
Describe the relationship between mass and interia
As mass increases interia increases