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What are the two processes that put water vapor into the air
Transpiration and evaporation
What are the main 3 forms of light that heat the earth
Infrared light, ultraviolet light, and visible light
Gases and liquids both fit under what term
What is the instrument used to measure wind speed
What is the process that forms clouds
Put the following in order *x-rays *radio waves *orange light *microwaves *blue light from shortest to longest
*x-rays *blue light *orange light *microwaves *radio waves
What is -273 degrees celcius on the Kelvin scale
0 degrees Kelvin
What is 0 degrees Kelvin called
Absolute zero
What happens at absolute zero
Molecules stop moving b/c they have no energy
How is heat transferred in the atmosphere
Air always moves from what kind of pressure to what kind of pressure
It moves from high pressure to low pressure
What is most air pollution the result of
Humans burning fossil fuels
When heat moves as a result of something cold touching something hot what is it called
What are three examples of natural air pollutants
Smoke, ash, pollen, and dust
What happens to infrared light from the sun once it is absorbed
It turns into heat
What happens to radiation from the sun
It is either absorbed or reflected
What eventually happens to all the radiation we get from the sun
It is turned into heat then lost back into space
What are the three components of photochemical smog
Hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sunlight
Why is earth heated unequally
Because of the tilt on earth's axis which is called the coriolis effect
What happens when earth is heated unequally
It causes global winds
What wind is closest to the equator
Trade winds
Which direction do the trade winds blow
East to west
Where are the horse latitudes
30 degrees north and south of the equator
What wind belt are we in
The prevailing westerlies
Which direction does the wind blow in the westerlies
From west to east
What is the calm spot nearest the equator
Why is the air at the doldrums calm
Instead of moving horizontally, the wind moves vertically
What direction does a sea breeze move
Off the coast over the sea then rises and goes back over the coast/land
How is a sea breeze created
Land cools down fast and water cools down slow, therefore the air above water is warm so it rises then moves over land and shares the energy then that cool air drops nad more warm air moves in