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Thermal Energy
The total energy in a substance (KE adn PE)
Any influence that can cause an object to be accelerated, measured in newtons in the metric system and in pounds in the British system
Potential Energy
The stored energy that an object posseses because of it's position
First Law of Thermodynamics
Whenever heat flows into or out of a system. The gain or loss of thermal energy equals the amount of heat transfered
Kinetic Energy
Energy of motion possesed by moving objects
Mechanical Work
Energy that comes from the energy you put in to begin with
Second law of thermodynamics
Heat never spontaneously flows from a cold substance to a hot substance
Equation for PE
kg * m * 10

mass * length * acc. of gravity
Third law of thermodynamics
No system can reach absolute zero

Physicists have been within less than a millionth of 1K, but never 0K
Equation of KE
1/2 * kg * M^2/S^2

1/2 * mass * velocity^2
Formula for Joule
kg * M^2/S^2

mass * length^2/time^2
What is thermal expansoin?
When molecules in a hot substance juggle faster and move further apart
Acceleration of gravity
The change in an objects speed per time that goes by

10m per second per second
What is sublimation?
When molecules jump directly from a solid to a gaseous phase
Is condensation a warming process?
Yes. When gas molecules strike the liquid with increased KE it increases the average KE of the liquid
The law of Interta
Things _____ to keep doing what they're already doing