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air pressure
the weight of air from the surface of a planet to the top of the atmosphere.
alba Pateria
the largest diameter crater on Mars. It has a diameter of 960 miles. It is an ancient volcano or old meteor
Alpha Centauri
the nearest star to the Earth, other than our sun. It is about 4 light years away.
Argyre Planiti
a very large meteor impact crater near the south pole of Mars
A small, rocky planet-like object in orbit around the Sun. A concentrated band of asteoids is located between Mars and Jupiter.
living organisms that can be seen only with a microscope. They are composed of a single cell and no defined organelles
the layer of gases around Earth, Mars, and other celestil bodies
Big Bang Theory
the idea tht billions of yers ago all of the matter in the universe was converted from a small dense point of energy in space. This body exploded and broke into galaxies. Our sun is one star in one of these galaxies.
Carbon Dioxide
a gas made of the elements carbon and oxgen. This gas is given off by man during respiratikon, and is needed by plants to make food for themselves by the process of photosynthesis.
17th C. Italian astromomer who studied the rotation of Mars and found that the length of the Martian day is about 24 hours
a body of ice and dust that travels around the Sun along an ellipitcal orbit.
cosmic ray
particles of high enegy that originate in outer space and strike the Earth at extremly high speeds
refering to an ellipse, or a flattened circle or oval shape
the surroundings os a living orginism
a large group of stars, their solar systems, interstellar gases and dust. Our galaxy is: Milky Way
the suroundings of a living organisim
a large group of stars, their solar systems, interstellar gases, and dust. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way and contains over 100 billion stars
relating to the study of a planets surfce and/or the study of rocks and rock formations.
the attraction that every object in space has for every other object
a building for growing plants which has glass or plastic sides and roof.
Hellas Plantia
the larges known meteor impact crater on Mars. Although it is called a Martian desert, is is cool and dusty, not hot and sandy. Its light hue is due to sunlight reflecting of minerals such as felsite or limonite.
the science of growing plants in solution containing the necessary nutrients, instead of in soil
light year
the distance that light travels in one Earth year. Since light travels at 300,000 km/sec, a light year is about 10 trillion km or 6 trillion miles
Lygot crater
a meteor impact craer on the surface of Mars. Meteor impact crater on the surface of Mars. Meteor impact craters result from meteors hitting the surface of planets.
space probes that flew past Mars on Feb. 24 1969 (Mariner 6)March 24 1969 and Nov. 13 1971. Took extensive photos of and measurements of Mars.
Mars Pathfinder
space ship whose launch date was 12/4/96. It landed on 4.4/97 carring the Sojouner Rover, a six wheeled vehicle controlled by an Earth-based operator.
Mars Global Surveyor
space ship whose launch date was 11/7/96. It entered Mars atmosphere on 9/12/97 and orbited Mars for 16 months while mapping the Martian surface
Mars Surveyor
space ship whose launch date is set for March 2001. It will orbit Mars for 3 yrs. while conduction mineralogical analysis of the planet's surface.
Mars Polar Lander
space ship whose launch date was 1/99. This space ship was t land oon Mars and study and collect info. about long term climatic changes. As of 2000, no signal have been received from the Polar Lander since it entered Mars atmospher. It is believed to have exploded when the rockes were ignited for landing or came in too fast and was destroyed in impact.
fragment of rock that originates in space, passes through a plantes atmosphere and strikes its surface. It could be leftover space debris from when the planets were formed in the solar system.
a living thing that is so small that it cannot be seen without a microscope
Milky Way Galaxy
the galaxy our solar system is in. The Milky Way galaxy contains over 100billion stars and is spiral in shapae
the life support units of a colony, such as greenhouses, wate recyclers or recreation areas.
a gas which makes up 78% of Earth's atmosphere but only 3% of Mars atmosphere.
Olympus Mons
a towering volcano which is approx 24 km (15 miles) high. The crate is 45 miles wide. The base is 335 miles diameter. It is the highest volcano on Mars and is almost 3 times as high as Mt. Everest.
a gas that makes up 21% of Earth's atmosphere. In order to survive, man must breathe in this gas.
the inner satellite or moon of Mars. It shows low reflectivly. Appearing only as bright as earth's moom.
process by which plants use the suns energy to combine water and carbon dioxide to make food. The word means 'putting together with light'
a body is space which moves in an orbit around the sun. There are nine major planets win our solar system
Polar caps
on Mars, these sonsist of frozen carbon dioxide and wate. They expand and shrink with the changing of the seasons. The polar caps on Mars seem to have shrunk during the past 30 years.
another name for the north star
in the form of rays
one of the elements that makes up sand. This element can be made into solar cells
Solar cells
semiconductor devices composed of silicon wafers, which cnvert light directly into electricity.
solar eclipse
when the moon gets between a planet and the sun and darkens out part or all of the sun from the plantets view
solar generator
a machine made up of solar cells which produce electricity when sunlight shines upon it.
solar storms
high magnetic activity in the surface of the sun. This activityinterferes with the Earth's systems of communication.