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Before beginning an activity ...
Always get your teacher's permission
Study the ...
If you have questions ...
ask your teacher
If there are safety symbols on the page ...
be sure you understand them
If there is safety equipment provided ...
be sure you use it
When any activity calls for using chemicals, wear ...
goggles and a safety apron
when heating test tubes ...
always slant them away from yourself and others
you may eat or drink in a lab ...
you may use lab glassware as a container for food or drink ...
you may inhale chemicals
you may taste a substance in a lab ...
You may use your mouth to draw material into a tube ...
If you spill a chemical ...
Wash it off immediately with water AND report the spill to the teacher
know the location and how to use ...
fire extinguisher, safety shower, fire blanket, first aid kit and fire alarm
Keep all materials away from ...
open flames
tie back...
long hair and loose clothing
If a fire breaks out in the classroom or your clothing catches fire ...
smother it with a fire blanket or coat or get under a safety shower
you should run when there is a fire ...
If there is any accident or injury, even a small one ...
report it to your teacher
To clean up work area, first ...
Turn off water and gas and disconnect all electrical devices
To clean up work area, after turning off water and gas and disconnecting electrical devices, then ...
return all materials to proper places
To clean up work area, after returning materials to proper places, then ...
dispose of chemicals and other materials as directed by teacher.
When cleaning up work area, place broken glass and solid substances in ...
proper containers
When cleaning up work area, discard of the following in the sink ...
When cleaning up work area, after diposing of all materials ...
clean work area
When cleaning up work area, after cleaining work area ...
wash hands thoroughly after working in lab
first aid for burns...
apply cold water. Call teacher immediately
first aid for cuts and bruises
Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure. Cover cuts with a clean dressing. Apply cold compresses to bruises. Call teacher immediately
first aid for fainting
Leave the person lying down. Loosen tight clothing. Keep crowds away. Call teacher immediately
first aid for foreign matter in eye
Flush with plenty of water. Use eyewash bottle or fountain
first aid for poisoning
note the suspected poison and Call teacher immediately
first aid for spills on skin
flush with large amounts of water or use safety shower. Call teacher immediately