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What does the word phases mean?
The shape of the lighted part of the moon.
What does revolution mean?
the movement of an object in an orbit around another object
How long does it take for the Earth to make one revolution around the sun?
365 days
What does orbit mean?
the path an object follows as it moves around another object
What are the three parts of the water cycle?
What does evaporation mean?
the change from a liquid to a gas
What does condense mean?
To change from a gas to a liquid
What is the definition of atmosphere?
air that surrounds the Earth
What is dew?
a type of precipitation that forms over night
What is water vapor?
water that is in the form of a gas
What are the six simple machines?
wedge, wheel and axle, lever, pulley, screw, inclined plane
Why are simple machines created?
to make work easier
What is gravity?
the force that pulls objects towards the center of the Earch
What is friction?
force caused by two objects rubbing together that slows down or stops moving objects
What is a force?
a push or pull
How does the Earth rotate?
On its axis
What is the moon?
the natural satellite of Earth
What is the definition of axis?
an imaginary straight line through the center of the Earth around which Earth rotates
How does erosion occur?
by water wind or other causes
What happens when erosion occurs?
rocks or soil is carried away
What is pollution?
anything harmful added to air, water or land
Give an example of air pollution.
What is weathering?
the breaking apart and changing of rocks
Name two ways weathering occurs.
plants, water or ice
What is magnetism?
the force that causes magnets to pull on objects
Which way would the north pole of a magnet point if dangled from the ceiling?
the north because it acts as a compass
Name a natural producer of light.
sun, stars, comet, meteor, lightening, fire
What is the Earth's natural satelitte?
the Moon
How does the Earth's rotation cause day and night?
As the Erath rotates different parts of the Earth rotate into daytime at different times.
What causes the seasons on Earth?
the tilt of the Earth and its revolution around the sun