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Newton's first law is the law of ____
inertia =
when an object resists change in it's motion
2 examples of newton's first law are...
1. a car's brakes stopping it
2. a crash test dummy
Newton's First Law=
an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest, unless opposed by an unbalanced force
Newton's 3rd law is the law of _______
What is newton's 3rd law?
For every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.
What is newton's 2nd law?
Force=Mass x Acceleration
The net force is .....
The force equired to accelerate 1 kg of mass at 1 m/s2
1 N = 1 kg x 1 _____
How can you add friction
increase pressure
How can you reduce friction?
add more contact
add a lubricant
What is friction?
A force that opposes motion when 2 objects are in contact
When does friction exist
When two objects are in contact.
What are some examples of friction?
Bowling, ice skating, sitting in a chair, guitar.
What are two things that friction depends on?
1. How uneven the surfaces are (roughness)
2. How hard the surfaces push against each other (pressure)
Define and give examples of the 2 types of friction
A. Siliding friction-when one surface slides over the other
B. Rolling friction-when one surface rolls over the other
Why do cars with underinflated tires use more gas?
When theres more contact, you need more power
What is fluid friction?
Contact with a non-solid
What determins high or low MU factors?
The amount of friction
What are lubricants used for?
To reduce friction