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What happens to the temperature and pressure as you go deeper into the earth?
It increases.
What is heat transfer by direct contact of molecules known as?
What is an epicenter?
The point above the focus, on the surface. Where the earthquake occured.
Who made up the theory of continental drift?
Alfred Wegener
What form of heat is toasting marshmallows?
What is the thickest layer of the Earth?
The mantle.
What is the ring of fire?
The area surrounding the Pacific plate where many earthquakes and volcanoes occur.
The longer the delay between the arrival of P & S waves time, the (shorter/further) the distance to the epicenter
All lands=
What happens if you use more than 3 stations to locate an epicenter?
Where do most volcanoes occur?
At plate boundairses.
How does a seismograph work?
Bolted to the ground, the pen remains still, the ground and the machine move, the pen does not, and then pen writes.
The oceanic crust is (thicker/thinner) and (more/less) dence than continental crust.
Thinner, More dense.
Ice has heat.
A hated liquid/gas becomes (more/less) dense and (falls/rises)
Less, Rises
Why did houses in the Marina District collapse easily?
They were built on landfill.
Scientists use _____ _______ to determine the structure of the Earth's interior.
Seismic Waves.
How come scientists rejected Wegener's theory of Continental Drift?
He couldn't explain the forces for pushing and pulling the continents.
What is the outer core made of?
Liquid (iron + nickel)
What is the inner core made of?
Solid (iron + nickel)
How does molten magma remain solid?
What are three types of scales used to measure earthquakes?
Mercalli, Richter Scale, Momemt Magnitude.