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Why is color not a good determiner of a mineral?
Minerals can have various colors (quartz) and vice versa
What is the rock cycle?
A cycle whixh shows how any one type of rock can eventually change into any one other type of rock
What mineral is yellow, soft, and smells like rotten eggs?
What is weathering?
The breaking down of rock and other substances on Earth's surface
What is the solid layer of rock beneath the soil?
What is luster?
The way a mineral reflects light
What is a parent rock?
the original rock before it undergoes metamorphism
What is the first step in making a sedimentary rock? Explain.
Erosion-moving particles.
What is the second step in making a sedimentary rock? Explain.
Deposition-particles settle out
What is the third step in making a sedimentary rock? Explain.
Compaction-sediments are compressed
What is the fourth step in making a sedimentary rock? Explain.
Cementation-particles are "glued" together
What mineral is soft and used in pencil lead?
What is the decayed organic matter in soil
What is erosion?
The movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity.
Water expands about _% when frozen.
____ Hardness Scale
Explain intrusive.
Slow cooling, large crystals.
Explain extrusive.
Fast cooling, large or no crystals.
What mineral is a rhombus, fizzes in acid, and exhibits double refraction?
Name and explain the 2 types of weathering
Mechanical-physically breaking the rock
Chemical-breaking down/changing the composition/chemical makeup of a rock.
What are the 3 horizons?
A ( topsoil )
B ( subsoil )
C ( bedrock )
What mineral is thin, flexible, and comes in sheets?
What do you find only in sedimentary rocks?
Soil organisms improve the soil by...
They provice waste, fertilization, and break up the compacted soil.
Why did the marble chips change shape in the lab?
The marble chips were mechanically weathered by a process known as abrasion
Name the 10 minerals of Mohs hardness scale.
1 Talc
2 Gypsum
3 Calcite
4 Flourite
5 Apatite
6 Feldspar
7 Quartz
8 Topaz
9 Corundum
10 Diamond
What are the agents of chemical weathering?
Water, Oxygen, CO2, acid rain, living organisms
Explain how igneous and metamorphic rocks become
Igneous-melting and solidification
Metamorphic-heat and pressure
What mineral is gold with a green/black streak?
How do heat and pressure make a metamorphic rock?
Deep within the earth.
Name 3 unique or special mineral properties.
Fizz with acid, odor, flourescense, radioactivity, double refraction, condutivity, magnetivity.
Soil Decomposers are:
What determines how a rock is weathered?
Type of climate and type of rock.