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What's the cytoplasm's function?
holds everything in place
What is an organelle?
Tiny structure inside a cell that carry out certain jobs inside of a cell.
What is the nucleolous's function?
to produce ribosomes
What is the cell wall?
a rigid layer of non-living material that protects the cell; made of cellulose
What's the nuclear membrane's function?
to protect the nucleus; just like the cell membrane things go in and out through tiny pores.
What's chromatin's function
contain's the cell's genetic material; send the information to the nucleus
What is the function of the cell membrane?
to control what substances come in and out though pores that are on the outside of the cell.
What is the cell membrane?
forms a boundry between the cell and it's environment
What is the nucleus's function?
To control all of the cell's activities.