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CT Scans
Use low dosage x-rays beams to scan the body.
Scanning Electron Microscopes
magnify up to 100,000 times their actual size.
A Prediction
is a statement of cause and effect.
After you form a hypothesis what should you do?
You should test the hypothesis by performing a controlled experiment.
10,000 grams =
10 Kg
CT Scan
Computed Tomography Scan
Researchers may switch or repeat steps of
the scientific method
Normal body temperature is
98.6%F or 37% C
A 1nm object would need to be seen with
an electron microscope
Medium sized apple hass a mass of about
100 g
The mass of a hippo would best be described in
Compound light microscopes are used to magnify
living specimens
What are the 6 basic steps of the scientific method?
ask questions based on observations, form a hypothesis,create an experiment and perform, analize data, draw conclusions, communicate the results