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What are Meteoroids
A chunk of Rock / Floating around in space
What are meteors?
"shooting Star" entered in the earths atmosphere
What are meteorites?
a Meteor that dose not completely burn and strikes on earth/land
Why are their visible craters on the moon and mercury but not on Earth and Venus?
Our atmosphere
what are Asteroids
pieces of rock similar to but smaller then a planet orbiting the sun

Usually found in the asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter (Orbiting the sun)

Pieces of planets that never formed? (They thought but not true)

Irregular shaped – not round

Largest is Ceres (620-mi)
Largest to Smallest
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Earth Venus Mars Murcury Pluto
What is the difference between Meteors and Asteroids
Larger then meteoroids

Meteors do not orbit the sun

Asteroids are Usually founding the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

Asteroids are Irregularly shaped –not round
what are Comets
A mass of rock and dust mixed with frozen water, methane, and ammonia “Dirty Snowballs”
What are the parts of the Comet

Nucleus – Solid center of the comet

coma – gas cloud surrounding somet

Tail – trial of gas behind the comet

Formed by solar wind – only present close to sun


May be millions of miles long

Origin- Oort Cloud outside the orbit of Pluto

Famous comets
Comets Originate in..
-The oort cloud
-Kuiper belt
Ptolemy said

Earth is the center of the solar system
--Includes – earth, moon, sun, 5 planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). And sphere of stars
--All revolve around the earth
Copernicus said..
--Heliocentric- Sun is the center of the solar system
--Moon revolves around the earth; earth and moon revolve around the sun
--Daily movement of sun and stars caused rotation of the earth
What are the 9 planets?
Mercury / Venus / Earth / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune / Pluto
How are the planets divided
Rocky / Gas planets
What % of mass dose the sun have in all the Solar System
what is a Nebulae
A huge cloud of dust
How was the Solar System Formed
--About 4.6 billion years ago our solar system was a vast swirling cloud of gas, ice, and dust called a nebula

--gravity started contracting particles into a large tightly packed spinning disk.

--presure caused it to heat up and burn