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What charge do neutrons have?
What charge do protons give?
what charge do electrons give?
What is the difference between plant cells and animal cells?
Plant cells have a cell wall, chloroplasts, vacuous while animal cells do not.
What are similarities between a animal cell and a plant cell?
Nucleus, cell membrane, mitochondria, cytoplasm and ribosome.
What is a nucleus?
It controls all functions within the cell wall.
What are mitochondria?
Is where the energy is released.
What is a vacuole?
A vacuole is where food, water and nutrients is stored it also gives the cell its shape.
What is the cell wall?
The cell wall provides structure and helps give the cell its shape.
What is a cell membrane?
The cell membrane chooses what comes in and out of the cell.
What is a Chloroplast?
A chloroplast is where photosynthesis occurs.
What is cytoplasm?
Cytoplasm is the liquid inside the cell.
What is the equation for photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide+water>>>Sunlight>>>glucose+oxygen.
What is the equation for respiration?
Glucose+Oxygen>>>Energy+Carbon dioxide + water.
What are the forces acting on a plane and a glider?
lift,weight, drag, thrust.