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What are the steps of the Scientific Method?
purpose, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion
6 steps
Identify a control group.
a control group is a group of samples that are treated like another experimental group except that the independent variable is not applied to it.
treated like an ___________ group
Identify an experimental group.
an experimental group is the group of materials in your experiment
Identify a manipulated variable.
a manipulated variable is a factor that purposely is changed by the experimenter
independent variable-changed
Identify a responding variable.
a responding variable is a factor that may change as a result of changes purposly made to the independent variable
dependent-may change
Identify constants.
constants are variables that stay the same
constant means to not move which means ____
How is a correct hypothesis written?
a correct hypothesis is written in the form of 'if yada yada is yada yada, then yada yada will yada yada'
ms. miyares doesn't like when we write a hypothesis like
ms. cisneros does
Why are trials important in scientific experiments?
trials are important in scientific experiments because let's say that you finish your project with no other determinations. how will you know if your correct?
are you correct?