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What is bile? Where is it produced? Where is it stored? What does it do?
Bile breaks down fats and is a digestive juice. It is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.
What are villi? Where are they found? What is the purpose of villi? Why are there so many?
Villi are in the small intestine, and absorb nutrient molcules. There are so many because they cover the small intestine and help digest fast.
What prevents food from entering the trachea?
The Epiglottis
Where does the final absorption of water take place?
The large intestine.
What is the digestive fluid in the mouth?
Salivary amylase not saliva!
What prevents your stomach from being eaten away by the digestive acids?
Lining of the mucus, and cells in stomach are quickly replaced.
Describe peristalsis and its function in the digestive system.
Peristalsis is the muscle contraction pushing the food down the digestive track.
What part of the digestive system do fluids from the pancreas, liver/gallbladder enter?
What are the six nutrients your body needs?
Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins,Proteins, Water
Why do we need food? [list 3 reasons]
Energy, Helps you grow, Repairs cells, homeostasis
What is a incomplete protein?
An incomplete protein is missing 1 or more vital amino acids.
What does the body use calcium for?
Build strong bones,muscle and nerve functions,and blood clotting.
How are proteins used in the body? How about Fats?
Proteins: Help tissue growth and repair, build muscles and cells, energy
Fats: Insolator, form cells, energy, protects internal organs
What are carbohydrates used for in your body?
Energy, help chemical reactions
What is water needed for in our bodies?
Vital processes are carried out in water, most body fluids made up of water[blood], break down nutrients
Simple sugar or gluclose is used in our cells to release___a____ in a process called ___ b_____
What are the building blocks of fats and proteins called?
Proteins=Amino Acids
Fats=Fatty Acids
In respiration gluclose is broken into what 2 products?
Water & Carbon Dioxide
What is a complex carb called? Simple carb?
What is a trans fat?
Type of unsaturated fat that occurs naturally in meat & dairy products
How many vitamins do we need?
How many amino acids do we need? How many can our bodies make?
Body makes=13