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What is a black dwarf?
The cold, dark, body that is the final stage in the life cycle of a low-mass star.
cold and dark
What is a black hole?
an extremely dense, invisible object in space whose gravity is so great that not even light can escape it
invisible object with great gravity
what is a galaxy?
a vast group of billions of stars that are held together by gravity
ours is the milky way
what is a light year
a unit of measurement representing the distance that light travels in one year
distance light travels
what is a nebula?
a huge cloud of dust and gas found in space
dust and gas cloud
what is a neutron star?
the remains of a massive star that has exploded in a supernova
an exploded star remains
what is absolute magnitude?
the measure of a star's brightness based on the amount of light it actually gives off
how bright a star is
what is apparent magnitude?
the measure of a star's brightness as seen from Earth
how bright a star looks
what is the milky way galaxy?
a gigantic cluster of billions of stars that is ome to our solar system
our cluster of stars
what is a protester?
a concentration of matter found in space that is the beginning of a star
a new born star
what is a red giant?
a very large old reddish star that has greatly expanded and cooled as its fuel has begun to run out
a dying star
what is a supernova?
an exploding star
a star that is exploding
what is the universe?
the sum of everything that exists