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Define Matter
Anything that has mass and takes up space
Define mass
The amount of matter something contains: the more matter it has, the greater the mass will be.
What is Volume?
The amount of space that matter takes up
Define Property.
Something that describes matter.
Define physical properties
Characteristics that can be seen or measured without changing the material.
byicyle tire: smooth, flexible, and black
What are chemical properties?
Characteristics that can only be seen when the material changes and new materials are formed. (Adding or taking away heat)
Iron rusts
Define a chemical reaction.
Process in which one or more substances are changed into one or more different substances.
baking a cake: chemicals make it rise
Define physical change?
A change is size, shape or state of matter without new matter being formed.
breaking a piece of wood, filling a balloon with air.
Define Mixture.
Matter made up of two or more substances. No chemical reaction.
salad: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers,
All of the items can be separated out.
Define Solution.
A mixture in which the particles of a substance are evenly mixed in a liquid.
Salt mixed with water
the sea(water and different salts)
Define chemical change.
A change in matter that results in one or more different kinds of matter (addition of heat)
when wood is burned the end product is ash.

metal swing set that rusts over a period of years.
Define element.
Any material made up of only on kind of matter
Define Matter.
Name the States of matter.
The form matter takes.
solid, liquid, gas
Define Atom.
The smaller part of an element tht has properties of that element.
Define Chemical Symbol.
One or two letters that stand for the name of the element.
H stands for hydrogen.<br />
<br />
O stands for oxygen.<br />
<br />
Together they make H 2 O which is water. 2 atoms hydrogen and 1 atom oxygen.