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Define Newton's First Law of Motion
Objects at rest tend to remain at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion traveling at a constant speed and in the same direction.
Define inertia.
the tendancy of an object to remain at rest or in motion.
Why do car manufacturers use crash test dummies?
to discover what protection is needed, to try various designs, to refine their designs and test for safty.
Does a passenger sitting still on a bus demonstrate inertia?
yes: An object at rest will tend to stay at rest.
Does a passenger falling forward on a bus demonstrate inertia?
yes: an object in motion will tend to stay in motion.
Define Newton's Second Law of Motion?
An object that is at rest or in motion will not change its condition unless something causes the change.(a Force acts on it)
Define force.
A push or a pull.
Define Newton.
A unit used to meausre force. (The force needed to accelerate a one-kilogram object by one meter per second every second.)
Formula for Force. (know how to solve for this.)
see pg. F 66-68 in book.
Force = mass x acceleration
F=m x a
Formula for Newton> (know how to solve for this.)
see pg. F66-68 in book
N=kg x m/s
There are two balls, a tennis ball and bowling ball. Which ball will accelerate less?
The ball with the greater mass (bowling ball) will accelerate less.
What happens when the force is increased on an object?
The greater the force the greater the acceleration.
(think about a home run in baseball vs. a run to first base)
Define Friction.
The force that occurs between surfaces that are in contact with each other. friction resists the motion of one surface over another.
How can friction be increased?
Put sand on a slippery surface. Ex: Winter with ice on the road. Salt or sand is put on the ice to increase friction and stop slipping.
Do wheels increase or decrease fricition?
Wheels decrease friction.
Name some items that will increase friction.
gravel, sandpaper, carpet, cleats (items that are rough)
brakes of a car.)
Friction helps slow an object down.
Name some items that will decrease friction.
oil, butter, hand lotion, wax, fine powder, ball bearings (smooth/slippery items)
Why are footballs and basketballs surfaces rough?
Rough surfaces increase friction which helps with grip of the ball.
What would happen if a hocey puck was rough rather than smooth?
The puck would not slide easily over the ice.
Which has more friction: sliding or rolling?
sliding friction is greater than rolling friction.