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Smallest piece of an element
Substance made up of two or more elements that are chemically combined
Negatively charged particle in an atom
Positively charged particles in the nucleus of an atom
Particles in the nucleus of an atom with no electrical charge
Substance made up of only one kind of atom
Where the electrons are located according to their energy level
Electrical Configuration
When one atom looses electorns to become positively charged and another atom gains electons to become negively charged, the two atoms stick together because opposites attract
Ionic Bonding
Smallest pieces of a compound made up of two or more atoms "glued" together by electrons
Atoms share electrons to fill up thier outer electon levels
Covalent Bonding
What does...
6CO2+6H2O+ENERGY a C6H12O6+6O2
What is happening?
6CO2+6H2O+ENERGY a C6H12O6+6O2
Plants use the sun's energy to combind carbondixoide and water to make sugar and give off oxygen
Explain how diffusion works
Diffusionis like whenyou drop ink into a beaker of wter and it all spreads out untial its all evenly spread out
Explain how without the sun their would be no food
Without the sun their would be no food because the sun makes the plants grow and the cows eat the plants and we eat the cows and without the sun their would be no food
What is the difference between diffusion and osomsis
osmois is diffusion through a semipermable membrain and diffusion is when you drop ink into a beaker full of water and it all spreads out evenly