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The standard metric unit for measuring volume
A conversion factor
is used to convert one unit of measurement to another AND is a ration of two numbers
an educated guess
The first thing you need to do when using a triple beam balance is to
zero the balance out
The metric system
The standard, international system of measurement used by scientists around the world.
A good way to state a hypothesis is
in the form of an if-then statement
The following units of measurement are ALL metric units
a. mm, in, ft
b. miles/hr, cm, dm, cL
d. oz, l, lb
The correct metric unit of measurement for density would be
a. grams per cubic millimeter
b. liters squared
c. lbs, per cubic foot
d. none of the above
The difference between precision and accuracy is:
precision refers to close groupings whearas accuracy is measured against a known true value.
In the gummy bear lab, precision was limited because of
the tools we used such as the triple beam balance and our human eyes.
A radar gun will measure a car's ________
Instantaneous speed.
Something is in _____ when it travels from point A to point B.
When graphing speed, _____ is placed on the x-axis.
Independent Variable
When graphing speed, _____ is placed on the y-axis.
Dependent Variable
Speed with direction is said to be an object's _____
When traveling in a car from Colorado Springs to Denver, if it took you 60 minutes to travel 60 miles your ____ is 60 miles/hour.
Average Speed
What does one Newton equal?
The amount of force required to move a 1 kg object 1 m/s2
If instantaneous and average speed were contrasted, then
Instantaneous speed is equal to the speed taken at a single moment during the movement and average speed is equal to the speed over the whole trip
A Skateboarder skates 10 meters North, 20 meters South, and then 5 meters North again. What is the skateboarders distance traveled? What is the displacement
35 total meters & 5 meters South
Choose the list of forces actiing on a skier who is traveling downhill that best fit.
a. Gravity, Air Resistance, & Friction from the skies to snow.
b. Gravity, Centripetal Forces, & Natural Forces.
c. Wind speed, Friction , & Applied Forces
D. Friction, Gravity, & Applied Forces.
What is the difference between weight and mass?
Weight is the amount of gravitational pull on an object and mass is found using a balance. Weight and mass are interchangeable on earth.
The volume of a submerged object is equal to the ____ of liquid displaced
The weight of a floating object is equal to the ____ of liquid displaced.
If there is no movement, no ___ is done.
Any force that does not work in the ____ of the motion does no work on the object
A ___ gives the worker an opportunity to multiple their work.
mechanical advantage
WHen an ____ is applied, the resultant force is uaually much greater and ic called the _____.
input force; output force
What condition must exist in order for a force to do work on an object?
A distance must be traveled (height or length)
A table exerts an upward force to support a plate of barbeque ribs resting on it. Does the force do any work?
No, it does not do any work because the plate of ribs is not moving.
What was Rube GOldberg most famous for?
Being a famous cartoonist using simple machines.
Name the six different simple machines.
screw, inclined plane, lever, wedge, pulley, wheel, axle
Name the different classes of levers
1st class lever, 2nd class lever, 3rd class lever
What is a combination of two or more simple machines that operate together called?
Compound machine
Doing work at a faster rate requires more ____.
A ____ is what power is measured in.
The ____ energy of a moving object depends on its mass and speed.
An object's _____ ______ energy depends on its mass, its height, and the acceleration due to gravity.
Gravitational Potential
_____ energy is collected from dams and the ocean.
Hydro electric
____ energy is collected from the sun.
What is the relationship between work and power?
ENergy is the ability to do work and work is the transfer of energy.
What did the Scottish Scientist, James Watt, do?
He coined the term horsepower and discovered the amount a energy a horse could pull with.
What are the six main types of energy?
Mechanical, Thermal, CHemical, ELectrical, Electromagnetic, and Nuclear.
What does the law of Conservation of Energy state?
Energy can not be created or destroyed.
What was it that made Albert Einstein famous?
Albert Einstein is famous for his special theory of relativity and the equation E=MC2.
What are fossil fuels?
They are the remains of once living plants and animals.