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physical properties
what can be observed with out changing the substance
ex: melting point
chemical properties
the ability to change into another another substance
ex: Mg burns=MgO
metallic properties
- change shape
- conduct electricity and heat
properties of ionic compounds
- ionic crystals
- high melting point
- electrical conductivity
*when disolved in water
evidence of chemical reactions
- formation of a new substance
- changes in energy
What are the rate of chemical reactions controlled by?
- surface area
- temperature
- concentration
- catalyst
*increases rate by lowering activation energy
inhibitors - decrease rate of reaction
rapid reaction between oxygen and fuel
fire triangle
three things necessary to start a fire
- fuel
- oxygen
- heat
effects of solutes on solvents
lower freezing poing
higher boiling point
science final
properties of acids
- sour taste
- react with metals
- react with carbonates
- react with indicator(red)
ex: HCl H2SO4
properties of bases
- bitter taste
- slippery feel
- react with indicator(blue)
ex: sodium hydroxide NaOH-lye
ammonia NH3
calciumoxide CaO
hydrogen ions
positively charged ions formed by a hydrogen atom that has lost an electron
forms of pure caron
- diamonds crystal strucure
- graphite layers-weak
- fullerenes hollow sphere
- nanotubes cylindrical
polymers in plastic
large molecule made up of smaller molecules