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what is a combination reaction?
when two or more substances react to form one product
what is a decomposition reaction?
when one substance undergoes a reaction to produce two or more substances
what are combustion reactions?
rapid reactions that produce a flame; usually a hydrocarbon + 02 -----> CO2 +H20
what is the formula weight of a molecule?
the sum of the atomic weights of each atom
Avogadro's number
what is the charge on a proton?
what is the charge on an electron?
what is the magnitude of electric charge measured in?
how much charge does one electon have?
1.60 x 10^-19
when electrons are transfered the body that they are transfered to.....
gains a negitive charge
only _____move
what is the law of conservation of electric charge?
the net electric charge always remains the same during any process
what are good electrical conducters?
what are bad electrical conducters?
wood,plastic, rubber
in a good electrial conducter
electrons can move more freely
what are organic compounds?
when carbon is combined with hydrogen and usually oxygen
long complex molecules
what are the 4 most important macromolecules?
Carbohydrates, proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids
what is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in carbohydrates?
2 to 1
what are monosaccharides?
single sugars
how many carbon atoms do monosaccharides contain?
3 to 7
what kind of sugar is glucose?
blood sugar
what is a disaccharide?
a double sugar
what kind of sugar is sucrose?
table sugar
what sugars does sucrose contain?
glucose and fructose
what kind of sugar is fructose?
fruit sugar
what is the differerence between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids?
Unsaturated fatty acids have double bonds on some of the carbons and saturated do not
what do proteins do?
structural components of cells and send and receive messages
how do amino acids bond together?
peptide bonds
when did the big bang take place?
10-20 Billion years ago
What is the big bang theory
the universe was created instantly from a single point which exploded and then expanded rapidly
what happened during the expansion of the big bang?
protons and neutrons were formed, temperature dropped, protons and nutrons go together
what is the hubble theory?
as the distance from the center of the explosion increaes the time since the big bang increases
what are the main theories of the origin of life on earth?
Darwin's theory, The E.T. theory, Modern theory, Oparin's theory
what is Darwin's theory of life on earth?
pools which contained ammonia phsphoric salts when struck by electricity? created amino acids
What is the E.T. theory of life on earth?
life came to earth from other places where orgainic compounds could survive
Oparin/Modern theory
organic cells came from the chemical reaction of a sulfide ion
What are fossils?
the remains of organisms which have become part of rock
what are the main periods?
how are fossils created
the hard parts of an organism are covered with sediment and a cast is made
Where are fossils usually found?
in lakebeds or places where there used to be lakebeds
what do fossils show?
adaptive radiation, convergence, parallelism (adapt simmilarly), extinction
2 bonding 0 nonbonding
3 bonding 0 nonbonding
trigonal planer
2 bonding 1 nonbonding
4 bonding 0 nonbonding
3 bonding 1 nonbonding
trigonal pyramidal
2 bonding 2 nonbonding
5 bonding 0 nonbonding
trigonal bipyramidal
4 bonding 1 nonbonding
3 bonding 2 nonbonding
2 bonding 3 nonbonding
6 bonding 0 nonbonding
5 bonding 1 nonbonding
square pyramidal
4 bonding 2 nonbonding
square planer
how did alfred russell wallace contribute to the theory of evolution?
came up with sruvival of the fittest and natrual selection
what did malthus and lyell believe in?
Natural selection, positive genetic mutation, only the strong survive
what was lyell's theory
scenery slowly changes and animals must adapt
what was malthus's theory
population is exponential while food is linear so when the population runs out of food the favorable species will live
what are mutations?
changes in genetic structure
what are the kinds of mutation?
tanslocation, frameshift mutation, point mutation
what are the causes of mutation?
radiation, viruses, chemicals
what is speciation?
the formation of a new species
what determines evolution?
Natural Selection
Genetic Drift (random changes)
Gene Flow (migration)
what are the types of evolution?
divergence- formation of several species from original
Transformation- changes
what is speciation called in plants?*
What did Raymond Dart discover?
killer apes
WHo discovered killer apes?
Raymond Dart
What are hominids?
ancestors of humans
suffix: alkane
suffix: alkene
suffix: alkyne
Suffix: alcohol
suffix: ether
suffix: Amine
suffix: aldehyde
suffix: ketone
one, ketone
suffix: carboxylic acid
oic acid
suffix: ester
Draw alcohol
see pg 1002 for answer
draw ether
see pg 1002 for answer
draw haloalkane
see pg 1002 for answer
draw amine
see pg 1002 for answer
draw aldehyde
see pg 1002 for answer
draw ketone
see pg 1002 for answer
draw carboxylic acid
see pg 1002 for answer
draw ester
see pg 1002 for answer
draw amide
see pg 1002 for answer
common bases
what are the strong mades
group 1a and 2a metal hydroxides
how do you find molarity
moles solute/volume of solution (l)
how do you find effective nuclear force?
number of protons minus number of core electrons