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occurs when an earthquakes violent shaking suddenly turns loose, soft soil into liquid mud
an earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area
What can severe shaking cause by seismic waves do?
they can damage or destroy buildings, and bringes, topple utility poles, and fracture gas and water remains
if the earthquae is strong enough, the water displaced by the quake forms large waves called tsunamis
how do you reduce earthquake damage?
by making building stonger and more flexible and the older builders must be modified to withstand the stronger quakes
base-isolated buildings
a building designed to reduce the amount of energy that reaches the building during an earthquake
what is the best way to protect yourslef during an earthquake?
drop, cover, and hold
how do you observe the changes along faults?
geoligists put in place insstuments that measure stress and deformation in the crust