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light produced by living organisms
a device that produces a thin stream of light of just a few close wavelengths
concave lens
a lens that curves inward (is thicker at the edges than at the middle) and spreads light rays apart
primary color
red, green, or blue; mixing these colors can produce all the colors of the spectrum
a cut piece of clear glass (or plastic) with two opposite sides in the shape of a triangle or other geometric shape
electromagnetic spectrum
all the wavelengths of visible and invisible light in order from short (gamma rays) to long (radio)
the production of magnetism by electricity and the production of electricity by magnets
primary pigment
magenta, cyan, yellow; material with any of these colors absorbs one primary color of light and reflects the other two
light ray
a straight-line beam of light as it travels outward from its source
law of reflection
the angle of the angle of
an incoming = the
light reflected ray

convex lens
a lens that curves outward
(is thicker at the middle than at the edges) and brings light rays together
a band of colors produced when light goes through a prism
the bending of light rays as they pass from one substance into another
letting all light through,

so that objects on the other side can be seen clearly
convex mirror
a mirror that curves out on the shiny side
concave mirror
a mirror that curves in on the shiny side
completely blocking light from passing through
allowing light vibrations to pass through in only one direction