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An observation is
something that you can clearly observe in a picture or enviorment.
An inference
is something that you think is happening or is present because of other things or happening in a picture or enviroment.
migration and habitation are
both adaptionsof climate change. but they are different because in hibernation the body changes so the animal can survive. Migratation the animal moves to a differnt climate in order to survive.
Metamorphisis involves
significant changes in the form of an organisim.
What wil happen if animals are moved out of their enviroment?
the will develop adaptations that may harm them not help them like moving a monkey to the desert or a lizard to the rainforest.
A mammal is
one which the mother produces milk to feed to her young and looks like its family members.
How can you depend on what animals do to catch there prey counting just by their body.
Usally you can tell like for example if the animal has webbed feet it is probably a swimmer.
Camoflage is
when an animal blends in with its surrondings to protect itself from predators.
A bird with a curved beak
It probably eats meat for tearing the food.
a bird with a long pointed beak
drinks nectar from flowers.
Young animals
mostly amphibiains and insects change into adults by metamorphis.
A behavior not learned is called
an instict
An example of an instict is
In hibernation
the animal needs less oxegen than it does awake.
Also an example of instict is