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What is another word for rain, sleet, hail, or snow?
What is the air around the Earth called?
What do we call water vapor that is cooled?
What can the words "cold and foggy" describe?
What is created when the atmosphere presses down on you?
Air Pressure
What do we call the never-ending path that provides water for plants and animals?
Water Cycle
What tool measures air pressure?
What do we call it when a liquid changes into a gas?
What is high when it is hot outside?
What tool do you use to measure how hot or cold something is?
Why do your ears pop when you are flying in a plane?
As the plane rises, the air pressure changes.
In what layer of the atmosphere do we fly kites?
We fly kites in the tropesphere
What type of weather would you expect if the skies are clear and the barometer is rising?
I would expect clear and sunny weather.
How would you compare the temperature at the Equator to the North Pole?
The temperature at the North Pole is lower than at the Equator.
In the water cycle, how does rising water vapor turn back to liquid?
The water vapor cools and condenses.
One day the low temperature was 26 degrees, and the high temperature was 48 degrees. How much did the temperature rise?
22 degrees fahrenheit
To measure the jet stream, which layers of the atmosphere must a weather balloon travel through to reach its destination?
The weather balloon needs to pass through the tropesphere to go into the stratosphere.
What type of precipitation will fall when the air temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
Snow and sleet will fall.
Wheat requires hot temperatures and sufficient rain to grow. How might a weather map help a wheat farmer decide where to buy land?
The weather map will show where it is hot and where it rains most.