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Which of the following temperatures is NOT possible?
2 k, -100 c, -274 f, -5 k
-5 k
Which of the following does NOT describe an external combustion engine?
The fuel is burned outside the engine, It converts heat energy to mechanical energy, Pistons move inside cylinders, An example is and automobile engine
An example is an automobile engine
temperature is a measure of the average __________ of each particle within an object.
Kinetic energy, State, Heat, Conduction
Kinetic Energy
Which of these is NOT a way of transferring heat?
Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Insulation
Radiation is the transfer of energy by
Convection currents, Direct contact, Electromagnetic waves, Evaporation
Electromagnetic Waves
Specific heat is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of
1 joule of a substance by 1 kelvin, 1 kilogram of a substance by 1 kelvin, 1 kilogram of a substance by 1 joule, 1 gram of a substance by 1 degrees F
1 Kilogram of a substance by 1 Kelvin
Liquids have
no definite volume and no definite shape, Definite volume but no definite shape, definite volume and definite shape, definite shape but no definite volume
Definite volume but no definite shape
Which of the following is NOT a change of state?
Water flowing, Water boiling, Ice cream melting, Dew condensing
Water flowing
A substance generally expands when its _______ increases
Specific heat, Melting point, Conduction, Thermal energy
Thermal energy
Absolute zero is
273 k, 0 k, 373 k, -273 k
0 k
___________ is the total energy of all of the particles in a substance.
Thermal energy
The movement when heated fluid rises and is replaced by a cooloer fluid is called a(n) ____________________ current.
The temperature at which a solid changed to a liquid is its _____________.
Melting point
A strip of two different metals joined together and often used in thermostats is called a(n) ________________.
Bimetallic strip
A(n) _______________ is a device that transfers thermal energy from a cool region to a warm region.