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short wave lengths are _______ radiation
What is sleet??
- rain that falls through a layer of air below 0'C.
- as rain drops fall they freeze.
- ice particles
What are the 5 types of percipitation
3.Frezing Rain
What is rain??
Rain-drops of water at least 0.5mm in diameter from stratus clouds.
What is snow??
Snow- water vapor in a cloud.
What do meteorologists use to measure rain?
a rain gauge
10cm of snow is equal to how many centimeters of rain?
1cm of rain
What is hail??
Hail- round pellets of ice forms through cumulonimbus clouds gets thrown around till heavy enough to fall to ground.
Energy from the sun travel to Earth as ____________ waves
what does NWS mean
NWS= National Weather Service
sunburns are caused by what type of radiation?
Ultra violet radiation.
Infrared radiation are __________ _____________
long wavelengths
medium wavelengths are called ______________
visible light
What is freezing rain??
Rain that falls from the air but doesn't freeze until it hits the surface is freezing rain